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Resident Coordinator office

The System of United Nations Resident Coordinator

In Senegal, the United Nations System counts more than thirty agencies, funds and programs. Among them, some are regional or sub-regional and represent several countries. The diversity of their mandates and their competences is propitious to inter-agencies cooperation within the United Nations’ country team through the System of the Resident Coordinator. In Senegal, the function of Resident Coordinator a.i. is assumed by Mrs Lena Savelli.

What is the Resident Coordinator’s System?
The System of the Resident Coordinator was set up with the known objective of making the support of the country team more coherent and more effective with regard to the requests and the needs of the countries. The strengthening of the dialogue and the collaboration between agencies, funds and organizations and the continual search for harmonization and simplification of the procedures and mechanisms of development support constitutes one of the priority missions of the System of the Resident Coordinator.

This coordination among the activities of agencies, organizations and UN funds works essentially on two levels: within the community of the investors and development partners, and within the Team-country between the various represented entities of the United Nations.

The Heads of the Agencies and the Representatives of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the International Organization of Migrations, meet every month on initiative of the Resident Coordinator according to a rotating presidency ( Country team), assumed alternately by each of the agencies and institutions to exchange their points of view on the situation of the country and coordinate their various actions and development programs.

The mandate of the System of the Resident Coordinator

1. The main objective of the operational activities of the United Nations System is to promote the autonomy of recipients countries through the multilateral cooperation. These operational activities distinguish themselves by their universal and neutral character and by their capacity to answer in a flexible way the needs of recipients countries. They form actually a critical and unique resource of capacities strengthening of recipients countries to assure the management of their own processes of development.
2. The coordination of the external assistance, including the one supplied by the United Nations System, in support to the national strategies and priorities, is under the responsibility of the Government. The System of the Resident Coordinator aims to facilitate and to support the exercise, by the Government, of the responsibility of coordination.
3. Helped by a coordinated action of the United Nations System from the headquarters, the System of the Resident Coordinator aims to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the countries operational activities, through multidisciplinary approach coordinated to the needs of recipient countries, by taking into account complementarities of the mandates of the United Nations System and the will to carry out a work distribution which is consistent with the respective fields of expertise of the funds, programs and specialized agencies.
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