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Capacity-Building Workshop on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education in West Africa and the Sahel.

The UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Dakar and the Institut de la Francophonie pour l’éducation et la formation (IFEF) organize a capacity-building workshop on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education in West Africa and the Sahel. This activity will be held in Dakar, Senegal, from 9 to 11 May 2017. About forty people coming from 10 countries of West Africa and the Sahel region will participate in this three-day workshop together with a number of experts from around the world.

There is an increasing recognition of the need for concerted efforts to prevent violent extremism through education (PVE-E) as evidenced by UNESCO Executive Board decision in 2015, in which Member States expressed their collective commitment to PVE-E and requested UNESCO to support capacity building of key stakeholders (197 EX/Decision 46), as well as UNGA Resolution A/70/L.55 of 1 July 2016, “The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Review” and the Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism issued by the UN Secretary-General in 2015.

This workshop is organized based on a longstanding partnership between UNESCO and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), through its program of Support to Innovations and Educational Reforms - PAIRE. Following the conclusions of the Conference held in Paris in June 2016, the OIF is consolidating its actions in the field of PVE in the French-speaking world. Notably in the context of the large mobilization #libresensemble (Free Together) to give a voice to young people to express their views through social media. By encouraging exchange, by facilitating meetings, it engages young people in a positive dynamic. In the current period, marked by many conflicts and characterized by a temptation to withdraw into itself, the initiative "Free together" is more necessary than ever.

This initiative launched by the Secretary General of la Francophonie, Her Excellency, Mrs. Michaëlle Jean, as part of its Youth Strategy, is organized around socio-cultural activities to deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes and interact with our diversities; actions to prevent violent radicalization and the promotion of a harmonious living together; Citizen initiatives and curriculum adaptation; And digital innovation competitions

UNESCO has been working in the area of PVE-E drawing from its longstanding commitment to peace and human rights education, and more recently, to global citizenship education (GCED), which aims to nurture respect for all, building a sense of belonging to a common humanity and helping learners become responsible and active global citizens.

UNESCO’s education resources to support PVE-E include inter alia (i) a Teachers’ Guide on managing classroom discussions in relation to the PVE; (ii) a Policy Guide on PVE for education policy makers, to support national efforts to integrate GCED in their education systems; (iii) a Clearinghouse on GCED including resources relevant to PVE-E, hosted by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre for International Understanding (APCEIU).

The objective of this workshop is to strengthen the capacities of education policy makers and teacher educators and to design and implement relevant and effective policies and practices that contribute to the prevention of violent extremism and eventually to sustainable peace in countries of West Africa and the Sahel region.

For more information about the workshop content and agenda please contact:
Akemi Yonemura: a.yonemura@unesco.org
Catherine Collin: c.collin@unesco.org
Maimouna Sissoko: Maimouna.Sissoko@francophonie.org

Press contact:
Marion Piccio: m.piccio@unesco.org

Venue :
UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office
Almadies, Route de la plage de Ngor
BP 3311 – Dakar, Sénégal
Phone: +221 33 864 96 00

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